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Relivia.net is owned and maintained by “Relivia Organic” Foundation with ID number 205309344. Our mission is to grow a society with a wellbeing health culture which creates happiness, opportunities and positive change for others. All publications including the current one are for educational and informational purposes only. Do not use them to diagnose, treat or prevent any health problem. “Relivia Organic” Foundation and the team do not guarantee the accuracy of the publications although we have developed them based on thorough research. The author/s do not bear responsibility. NB! Always advice an expert before taking action for your exact situation.

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Welcome to Relivia

Our mission is to grow a society with a wellbeing health culture which creates happiness, opportunities and positive change for others. Our main goal is to promote an active lifestyle with the aim to improve public health and prosperity through the prevention of negative health implications.



We aim to provide valuable information on prevention, addressing social challenges and integrating people affected by various types of suffering by enhancing the population's health culture. Our platform presents educational materials and programs, support and specific information to anyone experiencing physical pain that degrades their quality of life and affects relationships in the community they live in.

To succeed our cause, we are focused on the following main activities:

- Health education and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

- Increase public awareness of the problems related to unhealthy lifestyles and socially significant health issues.

- Participation and cooperation in projects in areas similar to the goals of the Foundation.


Health depends on many factors. 

Its determinants are economic development, levels of poverty and social exclusion, education, lifestyle, nutrition, environmental factors such as labour, housing, sanitary and hygienic conditions, access to health care, health care resources. Promoting healthy lifestyles and physical wellbeing starts with a group of enthusiastic and committed individuals. 

As the determinants of health are various and influence different aspects of human life, the team of relivia.net comes from all walks of life.  We all have different qualifications, experiences, and skills.  Our diverse backgrounds contribute our effort to support you to live powerfully with confidence and motivation for an active lifestyle without suffering. 

Though our professional qualifications and perspectives are different, we all are allies in our shared passion: to give you positive support along your health journey. Our community is united with an idea to provide valuable information, health education and prevention and to support and motivate people determined to improve their health. We are in collaboration with both organisations and individuals with similar objectives and activities who believe in our cause to improve public health status and wellbeing.

Relivia’s database of case studies

Relivia’s database of case studies showcases best practices and innovations across the entire healthy lifestyles spectrum from specialists around the globe.Case topics are focused on healthcare, wellbeing, prevention of suffering/illnesses, alternative medicine, and public health.



Chapter 1: Health Culture, Health Education and Lifestyle as a Social Factor of Health

Health is considered to be the highest human value of all time. There are many rituals and wishes associated with it since the birth of the child and on the occasion of important events in life-being. The question of preserving health has strained the human mind and effort through all ages.

The health of the individual depends not only on the social conditions of the environment in which he lives but also on his own understanding of the importance of the health, the way of life, his behaviour and relationship with people. Health and viability have a significant impact on the full realisation of human potential because only a healthy person can develop and manifest their talents and abilities in full.

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