Do Posture Correctors Really Work?

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

The short answer is ‘yes’, especially if you find the right one for you and take all the necessary steps to make it work. Posture correctors and posture braces are not a new phenomenon. Lately, they have become a trendy mass product. As this once medical device became a commodity, the last couple of years saw the arrival of different models and varieties. If you feel confused, relax, as you are not the only one. Here, we will address some of the most common concerns and myths.

Myth #1: Posture correctors make posture worse or make no difference at all

If you look up ‘posture corrector’ online, you will see that some have struggled with it. Upon closer examination, we found out that there is a problem with the overall perception of how posture correctors work in general.

The common notion is that the posture corrector keeps your back straight, doing the job for you.

This is wrong. You are in charge of building and maintaining your better posture. Think of the posture brace as a temporary reminder.

Posture has to do with habit and requires changing your habits. Getting a posture corrector is just one of the steps you should take in this direction. Good posture means building up the muscles to support your back and making conscientious lifestyle choices. If you take good care of your posture when sitting, walking, lying, and traveling, you would be able to use your body to its full potential. Have you heard it can do wonders for your health and confidence?

Conclusion: Posture correctors should be one part of an integrated back health and back care system.

Posture corrector? Which posture corrector model?

First, it is important to note that there are a lot of different varieties out there. The more traditional ones usually target a specific area or two. It could be the shoulders, the upper back, bust, and the lower back. The new generation of posture correctors or wearable tech has a minimalist one-piece design. It looks like something you can expect to see in sci-fi. Some combine the traditional brace with an app.

Traditional posture correctors are cheaper in price compared to ‘smart’ posture trainers. The latter typically go over 100$. Bear in mind that some of these smart devices are difficult to set up or need to be fine-tuned to work properly. The most common functionality problems with traditional braces have to do with size, adjustment, and material. Finally, remember that mass market posture correctors are not appropriate for medical conditions. These require professional treatment.

Conclusion: If you are looking for an economical and practical solution to poor posture, pick a traditional posture corrector.

Myth #2: Posture corrector had to go straight to the bin as it was uncomfortable

Yes, sometimes posture correctors can be uncomfortable to wear. There are several reasons why you may have experienced discomfort. It may be the wrong size. Some posture correctors come in a universal size. Others come in several sizes, so make sure to check the sizing chart. It may also be misaligned if it rides up your back or feels loose. In this case, you would need to readjust it until it fits well. If you have doubts, re-read the manual or email the company.

Posture braces, which go under the arms, may irritate the armpits. If you want to protect the sensitive area, you can choose a padded posture corrector. It comes with padded cushions, which are detachable and can be slid under the arms. Another thing you can do is wear the posture corrector underneath clothing. In any case, while posture correctors are not in general comfortable to use. However, they should NOT restrict your movement or cut off your blood circulation.

Conclusion: There are steps you can do to increase wear comfort but keep in mind that it is normal to not feel overly comfortable wearing a posture brace.

Myth #3: Posture corrector… couldn’t find the time to wear it

‘When we think about bodily health in terms of posture, we think of postural correction, whether through exercise or through implements such as corsets or corrective shoes’[1]. Posture has long been associated with good health –both physical and mental. It is only natural to

seek for ways to improve your posture, just as it is natural to feel resistant to the idea of spending too much money and time on it. If you don’t feel inclined to put in the effort, however, no posture device can help.

You should take the time to work on your posture. Posture correctors are not overly demanding. In the beginning, you will need to wear them for 20 - 30 mins and you can do so while multitasking or simply sitting in one place, say in the office. If you feel conscious about your body and the brace then you can wear it at home. Approach your task - wearing a posture corrector, the way you approach every task - be organized, focused, and persevere. The outcome will pay off.

Conclusion: Wearing a posture corrector isn’t time-consuming but it demands dedication and effort on your part just like any new challenge or activity.


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[1] Gilman, S. (2018)

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